What can an S.E.D. VA do for you?

As a business owner/solo-preneur you wear a variety of hats.  You are responsible for everything from business development to preparing deliverables to invoicing clients.  Because there are only so many hours in the day, you may find that one area of responsibility is being neglected in favor of another.  For example, following up with new contacts from a networking event may be relegated to the back burner so that a report for an existing client can be proofread and finalized by the contract deadline.

A VA from S.E.D. Services can take some of the many tasks you are currently handling off your plate so you are then freed up to handle the tasks that require your expertise.  Using the example above, while you are putting the finishing textual touches on the report, an S.E.D. VA could be entering the contact information from the networking event into a database or newsletter distribution list.  Then the VA could proof and finalize the formatting of the report while you reach out to the new contacts

Click our on service offerings below for a general picture of the different types of services an S.E.D. VA can provide to your business.  This is not a comprehensive list, so if you have a requirement that is not reflected here, please ask us about it:

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