An Interview with Renee Canali

Renée, you are a Mindset Coach cultivating change in the Landofpossibility. Would you give us a brief description of how you arrived at this point in your career? I grew up with a curiosity about how people think. I wondered –and still wonder ? how some people could see anything good in a situation and […]

Feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed?

In our next blog, we will be presenting an interview with Renee Canali, a Change Cultivator and Mindset Coach for business professionals and entrepreneurs seeking better relationships and stronger connections personally and professionally. Renee helps others see their lives as the Landofpossibility, to work through and change the things that are holding them back. She […]

Let go to Grow

Let go to Grow: why some businesses thrive & others fail to reach their potential By Doug and Polly White Doug and Polly White, Partners at Whitestone Partners, Inc., guide small and midsize business through profitable growth. Together they have more than 50 years of experience in the areas of people management and human systems, […]

How are you preparing for business growth in 2015?

At this time of the year, most blogs focus on preparing and implementing strategies to grow your business in the coming 12 months, and that is a valid concern for all business owners. You certainly don’t want your business to stagnate. However, increasing revenue is not the only issue in play. You’ll need a plan […]

An Interview with Margaret Lack Co-Founder of The Millennium Group International

1. Margaret, I know you have been retired for several years now after successfully building and selling The Millennium Group International (TMG).  Would you give our readers a snapshot of your background and what led you to start your own business? I worked in academia and financial services for 17 years in the areas of […]

The Power of Transformation: Reinventing Your LIfe

I am excited to be one of 28 authors included in The Power of Transformation: Reinventing Your Life  (Chapter 15 – Out of the Box: Into the Ballroom).  This book was released on August 1, 2014 at the Professional Woman Network conference in Louisville, KY.  It features coaches and experts sharing strategies and tips for […]

Delegation May Equal Outsourcing

In large corporations, when a person is newly promoted to a supervisory or management position, one skill necessary for success is often lacking.  The skill of delegating.  In order to have the time to achieve the goals set for the new position, the new manager must learn to delegate tasks that are not specifically related […]

How was your first quarter of 2014?

Renée Canali of Cultivating Change, LLC is someone I greatly admire for her insight and perceptiveness.  Recently she wrote: “Spring is a time for growth.  What is growing in your business garden?” If you are like most business owners, you are reviewing your first quarter results.  Are you on track to meet your annual goals?  […]

Pam Krulitz’ Experiences with a VA

I have been working with SED services for a few years, and am grateful every day for the support my VA provides.  As an executive coach and leadership development consultant, scheduling is a critical part of my business, and I rely on my VA tremendously to manage my calendar.  Not only do I meet with […]

A new tool for 2014

A new year is just around the corner.  Hopefully you’ve already begun your planning for 2014.  Here at S.E.D. Services, we are hard at work helping our clients finish the year strong. And to start 2014 off, we are developing a new tool: an Outsourcing Needs Assessment to assist (potential and current clients) in identifying […]