Simplicity Efficiency Details

Is running your business getting in the way of doing business?

The tasks involved in operating a business generally fall into two categories: those that translate directly into an increase in sales or profits — doing business — and those that while necessary for efficient operations do not overtly contribute to the bottom line — running the business. At S.E.D. Services, LLC we partner with our clients to reduce the amount of time spent on support tasks with the goal of increasing the time available for revenue generating activities.

With simplicity, efficiency and attention to details we provide off-site/virtual administrative and marketing support services to professionals and small businesses. Not only do we ask questions until we have a clear understanding of your project, but we also take the initiative to look beyond the task at hand for consistency and/or conflicts.

Since cash flow is a concern of all businesses, we invoice only for the time worked
. There is no up front retainer or weekly minimum. Additionally, because we work from our offices as virtual assistants, our clients avoid the overhead costs associated with in-house employees.

Whether you have a short-term special project or long-term requirements we focus on providing the support you need when you need it.